Refund & Cancellation
Terms of Service for HeyDate Credits
  • When you purchase or receive credits, you do not own the credits. Rather, you receive a limited right to use such credits for services on HeyDate such as Spotlight etc.
  • Credits purchases are non-refundable.
  • We may change the purchase price for credits at any time as well as the ways that you can use credits. We also reserve the right to stop issuing credits.
  • For your convenience we offer a top-up service on Credits packages for your HeyDate account. If you chooseto leave this option selected, we'll top up your Credits automatically with the same amount and the same payment method of your last purchase when your balance goes below 200 Credits, sothat you don't run out. You can deselect this option when buying Credits, or you can change your top-up settings at any time in your Settings.
  • Unused credits expire after 6 months.
  • If you delete your account or if your account is terminated by HeyDate due to breach of the general HeyDate terms and conditions, you will lose any accumulated credits.
  • If you receive free or promotional Credits, we may expire them at any time.

By buying Credits you agree to the above and to our general Terms & Conditions.